Financial Options

Payment Plans and Financing Options to Put Your Mind at Ease

Our office works with most insurance companies to help make orthodontic treatment more affordable. Our administrative team will review your benefit information and provide you with in-house payment plans and financing options to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Flexible Payment Plans to Match Your Needs

Our trained treatment coordinators work with you to create a structured payment plan. After an initial payment to get started, the remaining treatment cost is paid at a regular monthly rate over the remaining course of treatment, making your payment plan more flexible without financing.

Financing Options Through Care Credit

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Daia Orthodontics & TMJ Orthopedics works with Care Credit, a credit lending service accepted by most medical providers. We offer up to 24 months of deferred interest payment plans through Care Credit. Signing up takes no time, and our treatment coordinators are happy to assist you. Ask our staff if financing is the best option for you.

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