DIY Orthodontics: Why You Need a Board-Certified Orthodontist

Jul 19, 2023

Dr. Hadi Daia explaining to a patient why it's important to have a board-certified orthodontist.

If you have an internet connection or own a television, you’ve probably seen countless advertisements promoting at-home orthodontic aligner systems that promise to transform your smile from the comfort of your own home. On the surface, these products may seem revolutionary; who wouldn’t want orthodontic treatment without ever having to step foot in a doctor’s office? Tempting–though the truth is mail-order aligner systems can potentially cause more harm than good. Let’s find out why.

At-home aligners systems are sent directly to the consumer and usually include a dental records kit that requires patients to take their own dental impressions, a procedure orthodontic assistants, like the ones here at Daia Orthodontics, take rigorous training courses to perfect. These impressions are mailed back to the company and are used to fabricate a series of plastic aligners that claim to professionally straighten your teeth at half the cost of traditional orthodontics. The system as a whole produces subpar results and a potentially harmful bite.

Team member of Daia Orthodontics & TMJ Orthopedics properly examines candidate for braces or clear aligners

The journey to a beautiful, healthy, functional, pain-free smile and bite is just as unique as each individual seeking treatment and should be handled by a competent professional like Dr. Daia who is versed in several tooth movement techniques using state-of-the-art technologies. An initial examination is imperative, where a variety of X-rays and scans are taken to help diagnose issues within your facial anatomy and dentition. Face shape, jawbone density, health, alignment of the temporomandibular joint, age, pre-existing conditions, habits, and nasal and oral airway are just a few components heavily considered when Dr. Daia is creating a personalized treatment plan. Mail-order aligners offer a one-size-fits-all straightening solution that lacks insight into these key variables, missing out on the opportunity to correct related issues that could be solved while perfecting the bite. After all, comprehensive health always starts with proper diagnosis and observation.

The team at Daia Orthodontics & TMJ Orthopedics takes x-rays and scans of the mouth

Also absent from mail-order aligner treatments are routine orthodontic adjustments appointments, which provide your orthodontist the opportunity to observe your body’s response to the treatment then make fine adjustments to specific areas and spot potential complications before they happen or worsen. Root resorption, a common orthodontic complication, is a process whereby the body’s bone cells permanently absorb the tooth’s root structure when heavy forces are improperly applied to the teeth too quickly. A trained orthodontist like Dr. Daia has mastered engineering the appropriate forces required to safely move teeth while improving the function of the mouth. At-home aligner systems do not offer this level of expertise and medical observation, meaning you run the risk of shifting teeth too quickly, too aggressively, without professional monitoring of the health of your jawbone and tooth structures, running the risk of losing your teeth.

Orthodontics is a powerful science that improves the health, wellness, and aesthetics of the face, and new technologies in the field make receiving treatment easier than ever when facilitated by a board-certified orthodontist. Place your future smile in the hands of Dr. Daia, a trained specialist recognized by his peers who focuses on realizing your goals while helping you achieve comprehensive oral wellness and reap the benefits of your investment for the rest of your life.

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